Creative Photo Restore

Give your cherished memories new life.


Pricing for Photo Restoration

Minimal Restoration - minor surface cracks & tears, slight discoloration and distortion...$39
Moderate Restoration - moderate surface cracks & tears, moderate discoloration and distortion...$59
Heavy Restoration - heavy surface cracks & tears, heavy discoloration and distortion...$89


Pricing for Colorization (converting black & white photographs to color)

Minimal Restoration/Colorization...$79
Moderate Restoration/Colorization...$99
Heavy Restoration/Colorization...$119

Additional Pricing (to be discussed with you upon inspection of your photo)
Image rendering for missing areas • Severely damaged photo
• Extra large size photo • Add new backgrounds to photo • Add or delete people or objects in photo

Depending on the restoration requested the delivery time is between 1 and 2 weeks.


Pricing for Photo Posters

Prices for montage posters start at $79 and vary according to number of images requested and amount of restoration and or retouching required.

Upon your agreement for your Photo Poster design we will submit to you a payment request at your quoted price. Upon receipt of your approved payment we will begin work on your Photo Poster.

We will supply you with the final approved digital file.

Depending on poster work requested the delivery time is between 1 and 3 weeks.

Ask for our recommended vendors for printing and framing.


Payment Methods

PayPal or major credit card.